Translation Rates and Services

Translation and foreign-language services

Spanish to English translation: $.08/word

Portuguese to English translation : $.08/page

Sorry, English to Portuguese translation is not yet available

Translation editing/proofreading from Spanish and Portuguese into
English: prices starting at $.02/word, please request quote with
sample material.

Spanish to English audio transcription: $30 per working hour (not per
audio hour). If you have transcription work you would like done,
please feel free to request an project estimate based on an audio

Research and fact-checking
Internet-based research, image location and preparation, and
fact-checking: $30.00/hour.

Documents over 25 pages: 5% discount
Three or more projects ordered together: 5% discount

Payment options
I prefer payment by PayPal, but payments may also be made by check or
money order. I will begin work as soon as your payment clears.