Editing Rates and Services

I am available to help you with all your editing needs and can work
with a wide range of documents: business documents, Web sites,
newsletters, brochures, posters, press releases, technical manuals
articles, fiction and nonfiction books, resumes, cover letters, theses
and dissertations. If you can write it, I can edit it! Or proofread
it, translate it, or make it look pretty on the page. I can employ
Chicago Manual of Style, APA, AP, Turabian, or MLA style per your

All rates quoted by page are based on an industry-standard 250 words
per page. To calculate the number of pages in your project, use your
word processor's word-count feature; be sure to include footnotes or
endnotes. All services will be provided using Microsoft Word's Track
Changes unless otherwise specified.

Minimum charge per project is $20.00. If you request a five-page
sample proofread, edit, or translation, the cost will be credited
toward your final bill. This is a good chance for you to see "what you
get for the money."

Check for typos, misspellings, missing/omitted words, grammar and
punctuation mistakes. $2.50/page

Light edit
Proofread, plus check for usage mistakes, clarity, awkward phrasing.

Medium edit
Light edit, plus moderate polishing of prose style (word choice,
rephrasing, rearranging)

Heavy edit/Substantive editing/ESL/localization
Check for logical organization, consistency of characters or claims,
and factual accuracy throughout; work with nonnative speakers of
English or rough translations to transform "foreign" sounding writing
into natural English prose.

"Scrupulous" style-guide checking
This is a service that many freelance editors do not offer. Having
worked for several years with a "scrupulous" Chicago Manual of Style
publishing house, I appreciate the importance of doing things strictly
by-the-book. If it matters to you that everything be capitalized,
punctuated, hyphenated, formatted, and cited exactly according to a
particular style manual, this "white glove" editing service for you!
$2.00/page surcharge for any level of editing.